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A wondering wayfarer wandering wistfully through the winding ways of the world in want of Wisdom.

Humility and Humbleness

Humbleness of Shaykh I’zāz ‘Alī rahimahumullāh Muftī Muḥammad Shafī‘ rahimahumullāh relates an incident of Shaykh I‘zāz ‘Alī rahimahumullāh: “Once, we set off from Deoband on a journey with our teacher Shaykh I‘zāz ‘Alī, known in Darul ‘Ulūm Deoband as ‘Shaykh-al-adab’ … Continue reading

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From Cairo

So my travels around the globe (rather the Middle East) once again brought me to the friendly city of Cairo, this time for a conference to discuss the emergency situation in various parts of the Middle East. I managed to … Continue reading

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Only the Evergreen Last…

Only the Evergreen Last… His inflamed Self looked longingly, across the wide valley of greenery, hoping to sight Its fire of felicity, Upon the edge and near the boundary, stood she with her beauty extraordinarily, beckoning to his Self quite … Continue reading

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Pearls from Shaykh Al Islam Husayn Ahmed Al Madni

Dr Muhammad Ashraf, the infamous leader of Indian Communist Party recalls, “In 1946 when the Muslim League advocated a separate state (in the name of Pakistan), the communist party had to research this question and its historical context and I … Continue reading

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The Life of Shaykh Al Islam Maulana Husayn Ahmed Al Madni

From Abu Unaysah: Hadhrat Maulana Husayn Ahmad Madni (ra) probably needs no introduction. He is among the senior khulafa (successors) of Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (ra.) He was appointed as Head Teacher and Shaykh al-Hadith of Darul ‘Uloom Deoband after … Continue reading

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Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) relates: My late father (Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Shafi (Allah have mercy on him)) use to deliver the morning lecture during the month of Ramadan and had a islahi majlis on Sunday mornings … Continue reading

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One Year Reflection

Kathir bin Qays rahmatullah alayh relates: “I was sitting in the masjid of Damascus with Abu Darda radiAllahu anhu. A person came to Abu Darda radiAllahu anhu and said: “O Abu Darda, I have left Madinah and come to you … Continue reading

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