When I was in Love with Her…

This body was once doused
in his love for you,
Your beauty enchained him
from any other view,

Compelling him to defend
your image at every avenue,

This mind was once immersed
in his love for you,
Your whispers enthralled him
from bidding you adieu,

Compelling him to advance
You in his mind’s queue,

This soul was once drowned
in his love for you,
Your allure enchanted him
from all other rescue,

Compelling him to bind himself
only in your very pursue,

Yet, he has now overcome
his love for you,
Unmasking your beauty
as a fleeting virtue,

Allowing him to see
his true value,

Yet, he has now conquered
his love for you,
Unsolving your allure
as just another hue,

Allowing him to breathe
the bliss coming through ,

Yet, he has now buried
his love for you,
Unlocking your whispers
as signs of miscue,

Allowing him to listen
to his Lord’s Call anew,

Dunya, making him solely yours
was a golden chance for You,

Till, your faithlessness betrayed
your fine garnish,
till, your disloyalty beguiled
your quartz polish.


About Wondering Wayfarer

A wondering wayfarer wandering wistfully through the winding ways of the world in want of Wisdom.
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