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Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah preserve him) relates: My late father (Hadhrat Mufti Mohammad Shafi (Allah have mercy on him)) use to deliver the morning lecture during the month of Ramadan and had a islahi majlis on Sunday mornings … Continue reading

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One Year Reflection

Kathir bin Qays rahmatullah alayh relates: “I was sitting in the masjid of Damascus with Abu Darda radiAllahu anhu. A person came to Abu Darda radiAllahu anhu and said: “O Abu Darda, I have left Madinah and come to you … Continue reading

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When I was in Love with Her…

This body was once doused in his love for you, Your beauty enchained him from any other view, Compelling him to defend your image at every avenue, This mind was once immersed in his love for you, Your whispers enthralled … Continue reading

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